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Grand Canyon West was made famous by the Skywalk. But there's much more. Like Guano Point and Eagle Point. And the fact that this is the only place where helicopters can take you to the bottom for a Colorado River ride!

A World Renowned Marvel: The Grand Canyon West

grand canyon west skywalkGrand Canyon West is a famous project that stands on an area of about 9,000 acres in Arizona. The indigenous Hualapai Indian community started it. The intention was to open up and improve tourism at the valley. This amazing project was commissioned in March 2007 starting with the construction of the magnificent Skywalk.

West Rim development includes a host of terrific tourist attractions with the Skywalk emerging as the most popular. This landmark bridge was commissioned by the Indian community and completed in 2007. The idea of constructing a bridge was conceived by American entrepreneur, David Jin, who teamed with architect Ross Johnson to make the structure a reality. Interestingly, the bridge was supposed to be rectangular in shape but the present U-shaped design won out.

The horseshoe-shaped bridge, which hangs spectacularly on the edge at an amazing height of 4,000 feet over the bottom, is constructed of 46 specially made glass panels imported from Germany that cost $250,000 each. To prevent scratching, the tribe has banned cameras, smart phones and camcorders and requires guests to wear cloth booties over their shoes.

From Las Vegas, there are numerous ways to reach the Skywalk, the primary being airplane, helicopter, bus and rental car (self-driving can be expensive and a bit risky as the last part of the road is rough dirt). Travel time is 25 minutes, 45 minutes and two-and-a-half hours by plane, helicopter and bus, respectively. The bridge lies to the east of Meadview, an isolated, thinly populated town north of Peach Springs, which serves as the administrative capital of Hualapai. Here's a Google Map showing route from Vegas to the West Rim, and GPS: Coordinates: 360'44?N 11348'40?W

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In addition to the Guano Point and Eagle Point viewpoints, there's a very unique museum that presents the early life of the indigenous Hualapai Indian tribe. Curators and administrators at the museum are tribal members. Future development includes a movie theater, gift shop, VIP sky lounge, a handful of restaurants and an upscale hotel.

Grand Canyon West is the hub for over-the-rim adventures. Only here can you hop a helicopter and ride it to the bottom to the Colorado River. Extend this journey by taking a boat ride down the historic and legendary Colorado River - the waterway that single-handedly carved the canyon. There are plans now in the works that include a cable-car ride down to the base of the canyon.

Tours are the best way to visit Grand Canyon West. The majority bundle in the all-access Park pass. This pass, also know as the Legacy Gold package, includes the Skywalk, the Park's shuttle to all key points of interest on the Rim and a tasty BBQ lunch prepared by the tribe. Do take weather conditions into consideration: summer temps regularly break 100 degrees and gusty cold winds are often present during winter.

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