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Grand Canyon National Park is comprised of more than 1 million acres. Depth is 1 mile. It's widest point is 18 miles. The Colorado River at the bottom snakes through the Park for more than 270 miles!

The Grand Canyon National Park is a Natural Wonder in the United States

grand canyon national parkThe Grand Canyon National Park is located in Arizona, United States. This park is the 15th oldest park in the country and is considered to be a natural wonder of the world. The park is approximately 1,217,403 acres in size. Visitors to the park can view the natural beauty of the falls, participate in hikes, or hold their family vacation at the park.

After the Kaibab National Forest being established in 1883, a National Preserve for the park was established in 1906 when the land could no longer be used for grazing by cattle. A rustic tourist facility was built in 1917 on the North Rim. Development was encouraged for the park to provide enjoyment for future generations along with being used as a recreational resource.

Visitors to the canyon are able to participate in hikes through the area. Hikers are to take note that these hikes can be quite strenuous and during the summer season the heat can get quiet intense. Hikers are to pack plenty of water along with a first aid kit in case of any injuries that may occur. Visitors are also advised not to swim in the Colorado River due to the swift currents and extreme cold-water temperature.

The Canyon Village Marketplace is a general store located on the South Rim, which sells groceries, supplies, gifts and clothing to visitors. Dining options available at the park include the Delicatessen at the Marketplace, El Tovar Dining Room that is open from breakfast, lunch and dinner and located on the South Rim. The Arizona Room is located next to the Bright Angel Lodge, which also features their own restaurant, lounge and coffee house.

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Dining options on the North Rim include the Grand Canyon Lodge Dining Room which serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, the Grand Cookout Experience is a fun cook-out style meal hosted under the stars and is close to the main lodging facility. The Camper Store has many supplies, groceries and gifts available for visitors to purchase.

The Grand Canyon National Park was designated a National Monument in 1908, a National Park in 1910 and listed as a World Heritage Site in 1979, which designated it one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. The Canyon is popular and a well-known landmark due to the size of the canyon and the landscape, it is also significant due to the thick layers of ancient rocks, which have been preserved and are exposed on the canyon walls. Use this Google Map for driving directions from Las Vegas.

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