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Grand Canyon Airport, elevation 6,000+ feet, is located in Tusayan on the Kaibab Plateau near the main gates of the National Park. It's here where visitors make the transfer to a helicopter or motor coach.

Facts About The Grand Canyon National Park Airport

grand canyon national park airportThe Grand Canyon National Park Airport provides services for the main tourist attraction in Arizona State. This location is the only airport in Arizona that is owned by the state. The airport is owned and maintained by the Department of Transportation in the state of Arizona.

The location of the facility (GPS coordinates: 3557'08?N 11208'49?W) is one of the main things that make it so attractive. Most people, whenever they think about visiting Arizona, want to come to the state to see one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, which is the Grand Canyon.

Tusayan, Arizona, is a few short miles away from the South Rim of the Canyon (seven miles away to be exact). Tourists that are dropped off at the facility are a mere two miles away from the parks entrance. There is a landing field set up for the U.S. Forest Service as well as a landing strip for various commercial flights.

This site did not open for business until October of 1965. Today, this airport is the third most active for public carriers in the state of Arizona, following close behind Phoenix Sky Harbor and Tucson International. There are over forty air taxis and commuter carriers that located on the grounds of the facility.

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There are several improvements that are presently in the works for this midsize airport. Passengers can expect to see improvements in the drainage systems, a newly constructed terminal building and a brand new holding ramp. The facility hopes in the future to be able to support daily commuter planes, while becoming an interchange where people from all around the world switch planes or deplane.

The construction that is scheduled to take place at this facility will help put this smaller airline center on the map. At the present time, the center only has a single runway that has the ability to support single wheel, double wheel, and double tandem styled aircraft's. The park covers a mere 859 acres. But what it lacks in size it makes up for in the services that it provides.

Normally, tourists that are interested in visiting the Grand Canyon will change planes at this park. The park may not be a big tourist attraction in itself, but it definitely helps thousands of air travelers efficiently make it to their final destinations. As time passes on, the state of Arizona will be doing everything it can to make the Grand Canyon National Park airport a place for everyday fliers to frequent.

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