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Takes just 25 minutes to fly from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon West by airplane. Aerial tours are awesome. The real fun, however, is to be had on landing tours...

Best Grand Canyon West Rim Airplane Tours

Did you know that Las Vegas is a great place from which to take a Grand Canyon West Rim air tour? Yup, and when you look at it on paper, it makes all the sense in the world.

The top reason is competitive prices. Vegas is overloaded with air tour operators. This abundance is a windfall for travelers looking to cash in on discount prices (I regularly save up to 30 percent!).

The other reason is proximity: Vegas to Grand Canyon West is just 120 miles. Flight time is a stingy 20 minutes. If you want a quick, fulfilling day trip, a canyon plane ride is the way to go.

There are two types of tours: Air and landing. Aerial tours fly over the canyon and back. Landing tours are more extensive, with the best ones letting you bundle in helicopter rides, boat rides and a walk on the Grand Canyon Skywalk.

Indeed, there are lots of air tours from which to choose. I've pretty much flown them all. Based on my experience, here are the best...

West Rim Air Tours

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grand canyon airplane hoover dam tour

Best 2-for-1 aerial tour out of Vegas! Fly over Lake Mead to Grand Canyon West. Circle over the West Rim & see fabulous Guano Point, Eagle Point and the Grand Canyon Skywalk. Transfer to luxury coach & go to Hoover Dam. Walk top from Nevada to Arizona. Elevator down to generator room...

Price: $119
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grand canyon airplane heli boat

Plane, Heli, Boat, Skywalk
The mother of all West Rim air tours. Fly into Grand Canyon West. Transfer to a helicopter for a thrilling, 3,500-foot drop to the bottom. Head over to boat dock for an incredible Colorado River boat ride. Extend this trip by adding an unlimited-access pass to the Grand Canyon Skywalk.

Price: $444
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grand canyon airplane skywalk

Skywalk Plane
Real wild west adventure? Take this air tour package. Fly into the heart of the Hualapai Indian Nation. Experience the Indian Cultural Center, Hualapai Ranch and all canyon lookouts. Then do the Grand Canyon Skywalk - the glass bridge where you walk 70 ft over the edge!

Price: $264
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The West Rim is located entirely within the Hualapai Indian Nation. The area encompases a 100-mile swath of land that uses the rim as the eastern border. Right now, the region is defined by the Skywalk. That's set to change as the Tribe plans to build a hotel, more restaurants and a cable car to the bottom.

Fly direct from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon South Rim. Flight time is just 60 minutes (compared to a 5.5-hour bus or car drive, this package is a no-brainer!). Goes over Lake Mead, Hoover Dam, West Rim before landing at Grand Canyon National Park Airport. Includes 30-minute heli ride & 2.5-hour guided ground tour inside the Park, with stops at Mather Point, Yavapai Point and Grand Canyon Village. If you've got your mind set on the South Rim, this is the trip. More information...

Rim weather is very similar to Vegas but a touch more extreme. Remember, the West Rim is in the Mojave Desert. The area is totally exposed to the elements. Summer temperatures regularly break 100 degrees. During winter there's wind-chill. Dress accordingly for maximum comfort.

Don't wait until the last minute to RSVP your air tour. Vegas travelers are scooping up these flights, so it's now common for them to sell out. I suggest booking at least 72 hours in advance - even more if you want to do a landing package.

Deals on these flights abound. The only place I recommend is the Internet. Go direct to the tour operator. Interestingly, the best prices are posted on the sites of the companies that run these trips. Stay away from hotel concierges and Vegas Strip kiosks unless you like getting gouged.

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