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Grand Canyon National Park is a sight to behold as you fly over it. The most popular South Rim air tour lets you cove all the sights in under 60 minutes while the air/rafting tour gives you a unique bottom-up view...

Best Grand Canyon South Rim Airplane Tours

Grand Canyon National Park is colossal. Its stats include 270 miles in length, 1 mile in depth and 10 miles in width. If you expect to see a fraction of that on foot, you're fooling yourself. To do this place justice, you've got to take an airplane ride.

Compared to West Rim air tours, flights at the South Rim are limited (this is due to tightly controlled airspace and logistics). Don't let that fool you, though. These packages are some of the best in the sightseeing world.

There are two kinds of South Rim plane rides: Aerial and landing. The former takes you to the east boundary and back, while the later bundles a terrific Antelope Valley off road tour and rafting excursion.

There are a number of tour operators that offer these plane rides. Each has their own spin on how to do it. I've pretty much flown them all. Based on my experience, here are the best...

South Rim Air Tours

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grand canyon south rim airplane

50-Minute Airplane Tour
Best air tour you'll find in the Park. Comes with 50 minutes of airtime. Starts over Kaibab Plateau, then bears east. See Desert Watchtower, Colorado River Confluence, Painted Desert and the Navajo Indian Reservation. Head back along the North Rim & through Dragoon Corridor.

Price: $139
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grand canyon airplane rafting tour

Airplane, Jeep, Rafting
Combines the best air tour with a day of smooth water rafting. Take off from Grand Canyon Airport for Page, AZ. Switch to a Jeep 4x4 and sightsee Antelope Canyon. Next, drive to bottom of Glen Canyon Dam for Colorado River float tour! Perfect for all ages (kids 4yo and up).

Price: $394
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South Rim air tours require that all passengers provide their own transportation to Grand Canyon National Park Airport. Need to arrange a ride? visit the Bright Angel Transportation desk inside the lodge. And definitely prepare to swim during the air-rafting pacakge.

Las Vegas - South Rim Direct. Flights on this page all leave from Grand Canyon National Park Airport, AZ. If you depart from Las Vegas, definitely fly over. Flight time is 60 minutes (compared with 5.5 hours by bus/car). Package includes 30-minute heli ride & 2.5-hour guided bus tour inside the Park with stops at Mather Point, Yavapai Point and Grand Canyon Village. More information.

South Rim elevation is 6,000 feet (the North Rim is 1,000 feet higher). This translates into temperate summers and cold winters. I suggest you check weather conditions prior to flying, especially during the winter months where there's a chance of snow and ice.

National Park flights are very popular. Don't sit on your hands and book them when you arrive. Instead, RSVP at least 72 hours in advance; if you opt for the rafting trip, purchase it at least a week ahead of time.

Despite how popular plane trips are, you can still get a good price. The #1 place to do it is on the Internet. I suggest checking out the sites of the tour operators themselves. From what I've seen, this is where the best promotions are. Understand that most of these specials must be purchased on the Web in order to qualify for the discount.

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